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Tanning with sugar cane: what is it?

When it is not possible to sunbathe, or do not have the time to get a good tan on the beach, you usually opt for UVA cabins. However, studies show that they have a potential risk to skin health.

Therefore, there is another method to get that tan that has become popular: the tan with sugar cane or DHA. It has no side effects or contraindications, and the results are visible in about four hours! Did you know him? Then we tell you more about tanning with sugar cane and why it is preferable to UVA rays.

What is the tan with sugar cane?
Tanning with sugar cane is an artificial tanning treatment that involves applying a substance on the skin called dihydroxyacetone (DHA), which is obtained from the fermentation of glycerin, plants such as beet or, as the name suggests, from sugar cane. It treats of a 100% natural and innocuous treatment for skin, in addition to which the result is very similar to the one that is obtained taking the sun.

The DHA produces a reaction in the superficial layer of the skin that causes the modification of the keratin without the need of activating the mechanism of normal tanning: melanin. This causes a change in the tonality of the skin and makes it darker. The result is very natural and, also, the sugar cane contains agents that give a great softness and hydration to the skin.

Tanning with sugar cane is carried out in beauty centers with a gun that sprays the substance evenly throughout the body for 15 minutes, but there are also self-tanning systems. This treatment is activated at 4 hours after application and lasts between 5 and 10 days depending on the type of skin and the level of hydration that is maintained. Also, it is compatible with sunbathing.

Advantages and disadvantages of tanning with sugar cane Advantage

It is innocuous: it only acts on the most superficial part of the skin, so it is almost impossible to provoke allergic reactions.
It is compatible with sunbathing: it does not prevent going to the beach. You can take a session, wear something dark on the beach and then sunbathe to go tanning more naturally.
You can choose the degree of tanning: you can regulate the level of tan you want.

The duration: the results of this treatment last only between 5-10 days.
The price: each session, about 15 minutes, costs about 40-60 euros.
Avoid swimming pools: chlorine can “whiten” the results.
Risks of UVA cabins
Tanning beds or UVA cabins are other modalities of artificial tanning, although they are not innocuous like the tanning of sugarcane. Studies confirm that they are highly damaging to health because they emit large amounts of UVA, radiation that, in the long term, produces aging of the skin cells and can damage their DNA. The WHO published a recommendation in July 2009 discouraging exposure to this type of device.

Did you know the tan with sugar cane? It can be a perfect option if you want to enjoy a tan that you have not yet achieved naturally, as it is a completely harmless technique for health.

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