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Salt baths: benefits and reasons for taking them

You arrive home after a hard day’s work and what better than a bath? You have to avoid wasting water, but a bath every so often can be considered a healthy whim. Do you usually give yourself salt baths? It’s a good way to relax, but this is not your only benefit. Do you want to know everything that salt baths can give you?

Preparation of salt baths
The first thing is to fill the bathtub with water. Ideally, it is hot and then adds cold water until it is at your ideal temperature and then add salt to the bath, the amount you decide. You can buy it prepared in a health food store, but a sea salt is an excellent option. Prepared salts tend to dissolve, while natural salts do not. When the water starts to be cold, get out of the bathtub.

4 types of bath salts
There are different types of salt according to their origin and their extraction mode. These are some of the best known:

Rock salts. They are present in the earth, specifically in the underground deposits from which they are extracted.
Sales of the Himalayas. They are some of the richest in minerals, among which include calcium, chloride, iron, and zinc.
Andean Sales. Like seawater, these salts contain a large number of trace elements, such as sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium, bromine, and chlorine.
Marine salts. They are obtained from the seas and oceans through a process of evaporation caused by wind and sun. Sea salts tend to be richer than rock salts; They also contain zinc and sodium chloride.
These salts are natural, so they are the best option for your salt baths. Below, we present some of the benefits that you can observe after a good salt bath.

Benefits of salt baths
The salt baths are very relaxing. Also, body contact with hot water and sea salt minerals releases toxins opens pores and helps muscles relax; Goodbye to stress!

The salt baths are detoxifying because when the pores open, the salt washes the heavy metals and toxins from the skin cells. It provides greater softness and elasticity to the skin and helps to prevent and fight skin infections or diseases caused by fungi. It also helps to reduce acne, thanks to the salts eliminate toxins and impurities that cause pimples and blackheads through sweat. A bath of salt is beneficial for your body and your mind, for the well-being it produces. The relaxing effect of warm water along with salt is great to get rid of stress and enjoy a moment for you. Treat yourself to a salt bath!

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