Damage to your skin after the summer? Recover it!

There is no better date to spend relaxing days on the beach or in the pool under the sun or whole evenings doing sports than summer, but like everything else in this life, it also has its pros and cons. During the summer we expose ourselves in excess to the sun and this makes a… Read More »

Trends in aesthetics and beauty in 2018-2019

At the Jenn Health Clinic, we inaugurate the new season and what better way to do it than approaching the main trends in aesthetic and beauty treatments, both facial and body. Therefore, below, we will present the facial and body treatments that will stand out in this new season. Trends in facial aesthetic medicine We… Read More »

3 healthy summer recipes that will surprise you

Summer is the time of the year when we have the most meals, dinners, and activities with friends and family members. All this leads us to increase the intake of caloric foods, so in the next post, we bring you three healthy recipes that you will love. During the summer we take advantage to stay… Read More »


Vitamin B12 preserves neurons and blood cells. It is important because it plays a major role in the formation of DNA in the genetic support that exists in all cells. TOP OF FOODS RICH IN VITAMIN B12: Luckily nature lets us find these important vitamins in daily food specifically foods that come from animals. Although… Read More »


The need to preserve a neat image at all times and the pace of life demanded by the labor market in the present, have forced women to seek fast and lasting methods to improve the appearance of their nails without neglecting the natural nails. One of the newest methods on the market is semi-permanent enameling,… Read More »


It is not necessary to devote time to make up, you can look great without it! If you follow simple rules. HOW TO LOOK GOOD WITHOUT MAKEUP 1.MAKE EYEBROWS. The eyebrows of the correct form, suitable for their oval face and cut eyes; painted in the living room with resistant paint, they will change their… Read More »