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Hyaluronic acid in the lips: everything you need to know

In this post we tell you everything you need to know about one of the most popular treatments and that you will find in all our clinics, the filling of lips with hyaluronic acid.

Lip filling is one of the most effective and quick solutions to make your lips look as sensual as possible and, also, has hardly any side effects. That is why in the last decade has been, and is, the treatment par excellence among celebrities.

What is hyaluronic acid in the lips?

Hyaluronic acid is a substance that, through non-invasive treatment, is injected in those areas in which the patient wishes to have a greater volume to hide the signs of aging, mainly wrinkles.

In this way, the treatment consists of introducing it into the lips filling them gradually with the aim of hydrating and projecting the different labial areas. Thanks to the latter, it is largely avoided that the lip looks cracked and/or dehydrated so that the skin is softened, stretched and if desired an increase occurs.

In summary, thanks to the injection of HA into the lips, the labial musculature is hydrated and in this way, the presence of wrinkles will be avoided.

Advantages of hyaluronic acid in the lips

Next, we present the main advantages of this aesthetic treatment to achieve voluminous lips with a perfect contour:

Does not require hospitalization
Only a local anesthetic is necessary
The application of the treatment requires very little time
The effects and results are immediate
No specific care is necessary after application

As you see, it is a very effective treatment and whose application is very comfortable for the patient. Regardless of this, the most important thing is that it is performed by a professional or specialist because if it is applied correctly it can lead to a disproportion in your lips and other consequences due to medical ignorance. Therefore, if you want to take care of your image, go to a specialized aesthetic medical center or maybe you can make it worse.

Recommendations for lip filling with hyaluronic acid

Although it is a treatment that does not present major complications, it is necessary to keep in mind that if you want to achieve exceptional and surprising results, you must trust a professional. This is very important because the key to perfect lip filling is proportionality so that the result is as natural as possible. That is, it is necessary to know where and how to inject the AH so that both the volume and the contour of the lip is perfect and in proportion to the rest of facial features.

If you wish, at the Jenn Health Clinics you can contract this type of facial aesthetic medicine treatments. We have a long history and experience in many aesthetic treatments and hundreds of patients have trusted Dr. Jenny Alcántara. Get in touch with us and we will study your case to find the best possible solution.

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