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Home anti-mosquito: 7 natural recipes

With good weather, mosquitoes and other insects, not only in the open air but can also be a nuisance even indoors. Their presence is uncomfortable and their bites, apart from annoying, can inflame and even cause allergic reactions.

To avoid bites, especially during the night, it is usual to use insecticides or repellents. Most of these products that are on the market are made with chemicals, which are not only poison for mosquitoes, but also people and pets. Therefore, in this post, we present some natural recipes to make home anti-mosquitoes.

Home anti-mosquitoes: 7 different recipes
The amount of toxic agents to which we expose ourselves when we opt for an ordinary anti-mosquito is very small, but recurrent. They are harmful substances for health that pollute the environment, so the use of a homemade anti-mosquito is more than recommended: it repels mosquitoes with natural substances, which prevents poisoning in people and their pets.

Here are several homemade anti-mosquito recipes. The ingredients are basic and are used daily, so it will be easy to find the most suitable for your family and your home.

1. Lemon and cloves
This homemade anti-mosquito recipe is as easy as cutting a lemon in half and “pricking” several cloves. If you put this remedy in the room where you sleep, the mosquitoes will not come near you.

2. Vinegar
Even simpler: mix half a glass of water with a quarter of white wine vinegar. The purpose of this recipe is to place the mixture near the windows and doors so that the strong smell of vinegar repels mosquitoes and other insects.

3. Basil
Basil is excellent for keeping mosquitoes away. On this occasion, the recipe consists of preparing an infusion: 500 mL of boiling water and 2 tablespoons of dried basil. Let it sit for four hours. Then strain and pour the mixture into an aerosol container. Spray the mixture through the rooms where you want the mosquitoes not to approach.

On the other hand, having a basil plant in certain key areas (in windows, doors, in the garden, etc.) helps keep mosquitoes away.

4. Garlic Cloves
Cut several cloves of garlic and let them marinate in a little water for several hours. Then pour the resulting water into an aerosol container and spray it into the curtains and corners of doors and windows. The sulfur in garlic repels not only mosquitoes but also flies, ticks and fleas.

5. Eucalyptus
In this case, dilute 40 drops of eucalyptus essential oil in 200 mL of warm water and pour the mixture into an aerosol container. Shake and spray wherever you want to prevent mosquitoes from appearing. Do it preferably late in the afternoon or at night.

6. Chamomile
Prepare this infusion: 2 tablespoons of dry chamomile and 500 mL of boiling water. Let it sit for 6 hours and then pour the mixture into an aerosol container. Spray the infusion for the areas where you want no mosquitoes to appear, or even apply it on the skin.

7. Lemon essential oil
Dilute 40 drops of lemon essential oil in 200 mL of water and pour the mixture into an aerosol container. Spray it at night in the rooms, or even on the skin or clothes. Shake well before using it! The good thing about natural recipes, in this case, the homemade anti-mosquitoes, is that they are made with ordinary ingredients that we have at home and thus avoid the chemical products that we find in the market. What are your recipes or tricks to keep mosquitoes away from your home?

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