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Vitamin B12 preserves neurons and blood cells. It is important because it plays a major role in the formation of DNA in the genetic support that exists in all cells.

Luckily nature lets us find these important vitamins in daily food specifically foods that come from animals.

Although there are previously prepared foods ie fortified and rich in vitamin B12.

Meat, eggs, fish, liver, and milk (same as other dairy products).

Cereals are part of the foods that are previously prepared to be rich in vitamin B12. The best way to know, how much vitamin has a product or food is to check the label on the back.

You will be able to realize that the injected vitamin b12 is indeed good for the muscles and joints, even to reinforce our capacity to be energetic in the day to day or for a low immunological defense.

Finally, is it a myth or a reality that vitamin B12 injected serves to lose weight? No. No, it is that the vitamin is directly a supplement that will make you lose weight.

The rumors refer to accelerating metabolism and the energy it gives you if you practice physical activity to lose weight.

That in conjunction with the injected vitamin b12 will make you function at 100% capacity. But it is not a miraculous vitamin, which will make you lose weight just by making it reach your body.

Vitamin B12 and its benefit tell us that it is essential for the proper development of the body because it prevents a type of anemia called megaloblastic which its main symptoms are fatigue and weakness, which prevents the proper development of our routine.

So that the body absorbs vitamin b12 from the foods that contain it and from those that we ingest, it is with the help of the hydrochloric acid that produces the stomach that is responsible for separating the protein from the food we eat, from vitamin b12.

In the next process, this vitamin must be coupled with the protein that is also produced by the stomach that has the name of intrinsic factor, this step ensures that vitamin B12 is absorbed in its entirety to provide its properties to the body.

Therefore the importance of vitamin b12 and its food source for metabolism and the central nervous system.

The symptoms that indicate that we have a lack of this vitamin in our body, are the following:

Being dizzy without any cause, weakness, and lack of energy.
Balance problems if we live falling for no reason.
Rapid loss of memory without logical cause.
Breathing problems or chest pains
It is important that we always take into account the amount of vitamin B12 that we need every day because, despite all the symptoms that can be caused by the lack of this vitamin, it can cause us to suffer problems and deficiency with the nervous system.

In babies, the lack of the vitamin can become more problematic than in an adult because it completely influences correct development and growth.

The consumption of vitamin b12 will give you encouragement, mental well-being and a lot of energy. Encourage yourself to try it and improve your quality of life!

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