Easy Ways to Earn Free PayPal Money Online(Without Surveys!)

PayPal is an American company.it is operating worldwide online payments and online money transfers service. This serves  as an electronic alternative to traditional paper method. It’s easy, fast, and secure. Everyone can earn PayPal money. There are infinite numbers of ways to earn PayPal money. Freelancers can run their business using Paypal.

some best ways for you to earn free PayPal cash online – no surveys involved!

How to Make Free PayPal Money Online!

1.Free PayPal Cash from Writing

if you’re a great writer you can use your writing skill to earn free PayPal money. professionals and businesses need beautiful content for their websites.this is the best ways to make PayPal cash online. Most clients will pay you using Paypal.

How Do I Start Writing Online?

That is the main question that all of your minds have. The first thing you must love writing. if not you cannot do this.if you have your sample works it is easy for you.you can use that you can show potential clients.

Where Can I Find Writing Clients?

different people get their start with writing for cash in different ways.
There are content mills, it means marketplaces for clients to hire writers to write their articles.
You can also try freelance sites, like Upwork and ClearVoice

How Much Can I Make?

It depends on how you are writing, about what are you writing and what type of clients.
with your experience in writing, you can earn a full-time income
different types of writing such as book writing and copywriting, can demand even higher salaries than writing simple blog posts.

2.Freelancing for PayPal Cash

all people are not in writing.there are many other ways to earn free PayPal money.there are an unlimited number of opportunities that you can earn free PayPal money.

You can visit these sites and you can select a field that you are interested to work.
as an example, most of these site has photoshop editing, logo design, data entry and much more.
you can post attractive gigs on Fiverr about your services. then clients will hire you.

3.Mobile Apps That Pay PayPal Cash

can you believe this? yes, this is true.after you earn enough points or rewards using these apps pay you to cash for you.many of them do it using PayPal PayPal.Given below popular and easy mobile apps to earn free papal money.

  1. 1Q – This app pays you to your answer questions submitted by others.
  2. Adme – This app displays ads on your lock screen. IF you have 10$ you can get cash out
  3. Field Agent – This app pays you to do quick mystery shopping.type tasks around you. You can cash out with PayPal at any time without any trouble
  4. Free Eats –  you will receive text ads on your phone.you will get paid! You even get $1 for signing up.
  5. Fronto –you gait paid to have Front’s partners’ ads on your  mobile phone’s lock screen
  6. Ibotta (review) – This app has plenty of cash back rewards.IF you have 20$ you can get cash out
  7. Iconzoomer –you can  Earn money from taking photos at your favorite restaurants and stores. You can get paid  per photo you take and you can cash using with PayPal.
  8. Loot –you can  Do fun things for your favorite brands to earn money, like posting about them on social media or taking photos with your favorite products in their brands. IF you have 10$ you can get cash out.
  9. MobiSave – MobiSave is similar to Ibotta. you can get PayPal cash whenever you have any money in your account.
  10. Perk – this is a way to Earn cash while you watch TV! IF you have 0.25$ you can get cash out
  11. PointsPrizes – this Pays you to complete offers signups or app downloads, for points, which you can exchange for PayPal cash using these points.
  12. Qriket – This fun lives game app. You just need to watch ads to earn money using them.is it not easy?. You’ll get your winning points transferred to your PayPal account as money.
  13. Receipt Hog– this is a way to Earn money by scanning your receipts into this app.
  14. Rewardable– Earn PayPal cash by watching videos is the thing you have to do in this.we can earn money by giving product feedback, answering trivia questions, and lot more to do.


4.Cash-Earning Websites

we can earn PayPal money through rewards websites.some are fast and some sites will take one or two days to pay.

Swagbucks  is the best way to earn PayPal cash.you can earn free Paypal money by watching videos, playing games, earn cash back from shopping, and more.

Slice the Pie is also a simple site to earn free Paypal money. You’ll review music and fashion for money

Microworkers is a good website it allows you to earn cash from small tasks, like data entry, quick transcription, research, and more if you like simple works and if you know simple works u can use this site fore earn free PayPal money.

Ebates (review), we can earn money by  shopping online.after it  we will  get a percentage of your purchase back

Qmee is similar to Ebate

these are only example sites for you.you can find many numbers of sites like this yous google.try to find them.

5. Selling Your Stuff

you can sell your stuff online. it is also a good way earn PayPal cash. Many online sales websites link your account with PayPal so you can free Paypal money to your Paypal account.you can use Esty,ebay like for this.

you can sell anything that you have like Homemade items and crafts, used furniture, unused gift cards and more.

6. Do Transcription Work

This is also a common and fast way to earn free PayPal money. you must have some talents to do this.you must have an ability to type fast.

you can use Transcription jobsRev like sites for this.you may have to prove your skills with quick assessments before you start.

7.Tutor Online

you can a become a tutor. If get rated highly by your students, which can give you even better-earning from this.you can use chegg site for this.

8.Telephone Mystery Shopping

you can do this by staying your home. there are some shopping company that offers telephone mystery shopping. you can make calls to businesses posing as a customer. then you want to ask questions. each call you will be paid using PayPal.

9. Get Started with Affiliate Marketing

If you have a blog you can start a business. you can get started with affiliate marketing from using blogs. Basically, you can place referral links to products, services, or websites that you love. after someone signs up or purchases something using your link, we can get a commission or flat feethrough paypal.


There are thousands of ways you can earn PayPal cash online.use above all details and try to earn free PayPal money to your account.


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