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Damage to your skin after the summer? Recover it!

There is no better date to spend relaxing days on the beach or in the pool under the sun or whole evenings doing sports than summer, but like everything else in this life, it also has its pros and cons.

During the summer we expose ourselves in excess to the sun and this makes a dent in our skin gradually aging it without hardly realizing it. For this reason, in the next post, we will see how the sun affects your skin and what you can do to recover it if you have left an undesirable mark.

How the sun affects our skin?

If you love spending long hours exposed to the sun to show off a perfect tan, you should use protection at all times, and not any protection, but one that will free you from ultraviolet rays (UVA and UVB).

Both UVA and UVB, have different behavior in the skin and is that the first will be those that offer you a tan due to the production of melanin by the skin cells, while the UVB will be responsible for products that annoying and uncomfortable redness.

We assume that during this summer you have protected yourself correctly, but what problems can a continuous exposure to the sun bring?

Spots on the skin
Premature aging

These are some of the consequences of being a lover of sunbathing, but the most common of all and that occurs in virtually all people is photoaging.

Our defense mechanism tries to fight on its own the damages of the sun and during that process the known solar scars are formed, giving rise to the generation of wrinkles in our skin.

And now you wonder, what can I do to recover my skin and rid myself of photoaging?

How to recover your skin after an intense summer

Each skin is a world, so the sun does not affect all of us in the same way. The most important thing is to study your case in particular to find the best treatment.

In many occasions, an effective exfoliation of the skin will be enough to eliminate the dead cells and to hydrate our body, but if it is already too late, it is time to take action on the matter and completely stop the passage to the aging of the skin.

Treatments to recover the skin of photoaging

If we attend skin rejuvenation treatments, there are many options that we have in mind. They will depend to a great extent if they are of facial or corporal application, but if we had to stay with one in particular to combat photoaging, without a doubt it would be the chemical peel.

Although as we said in previous sections, the most important thing is to thoroughly analyze your skin to apply the most effective treatment, as it is not the same to repair wrinkles that remove skin spots caused by the sun. In the latter case, it would be more advisable to apply a treatment with laser ellipse technology.

As you have seen, it is practically inevitable that the sun does not affect our skin, so we recommend that you take care of it before, during and after exposing yourself to the sun.

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