Tanning with sugar cane: what is it?

When it is not possible to sunbathe, or do not have the time to get a good tan on the beach, you usually opt for UVA cabins. However, studies show that they have a potential risk to skin health. Therefore, there is another method to get that tan that has become popular: the tan with… Read More »

Infusion for the cold; Which to choose?

The symptoms of the cold are sneezing, coughing, throat inflammation, fever … The question is this: “Can you fight with infusions?” The truth is that there are no infusions that can cure a cold, or prevent it, simply calm some symptoms perhaps. Here’s how a cold infusion can help relieve the symptoms it causes. Infusion… Read More »

Home anti-mosquito: 7 natural recipes

With good weather, mosquitoes and other insects, not only in the open air but can also be a nuisance even indoors. Their presence is uncomfortable and their bites, apart from annoying, can inflame and even cause allergic reactions. To avoid bites, especially during the night, it is usual to use insecticides or repellents. Most of… Read More »

A phenomenal body at 40 years old

You may have heard that “at 40 everything begins to fall” or that “40 is the end of youth”. I also heard it and I got scared, but when developing my movement “The 40 is the new 20”, I realized that it does not necessarily have to be this way: at 40 you can be… Read More »

Flat abdomen at 40? It’s possible!

The truth is that as we mature there are things that get more uphill. One of them is to have a flat stomach, and the explanation is very simple: according to the American Board of Exercise, at age 40 you could be burning 300 fewer calories than at 20, due to the slowing down of… Read More »


QUESTION A personal trainer told me that I had to “take a breath while I lowered the weight and release it while lifting it.” It’s good advice? ANSWER It is bad advice from several points of view. First, it is unnecessarily complex and difficult to coordinate. Second, as the demands of exercise increase (that is,… Read More »

How many radiofrequency sessions are necessary?

Radio frequency is one of the most demanded treatments to reaffirm the skin, eliminate cellulite or as facial rejuvenation, among others. Hundreds of people have already relied on Jenn Health clinics to perform a radio frequency treatment and one of the questions that our clients ask us most is … how many radio frequency sessions… Read More »